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This walk highlights the aims and objectives of the project and is a statement that we mean to make change. Contribute to the Steps to Atonement and Redemption and be a part of the truth: that peace is the only weapon that we can and will use to reclaim our communities.

Age: 16

“I am involved in the walk as I see it as
an opportunity to contribute to a positive step forward for young people,
the walk is a vehicle which could help change the whole mood of what is going on the streets and to be involved with that makes me feel honoured to try and make a change. I see what is, has and still going on the streets of London and you have to think how long can this go on before some one can successfully step in and I see this walk as one step in the right way. We can’t carry on no longer in this way and this can be our turning point, we have to stop, and now is the time.”
Age: 23

My motivation to walk from London to Birmingham comes primarily from a belief that debate and discourse can only achieve so much, because without practical action, words can transgress into empty rhetoric at best. It is for this reason that in walking the approximate 131 miles, I hope to not only tangibly contribute to redressing past and present issues that the youth of today are experiencing, but by Stepping to Atonement and Redemption we can show that injustices that they disproportionately suffer, but by Stepping to Atonement and Redemption we can show that actions truly speak louder than words.”

Age: 34
Occupation: IT Business Analyst in the Real Estate Sector

I have volunteered to take this walk, as I see this opportunity as a challenge of my character, will and determination to succeed in the presence of a difficult situation. I also see it as a sacrifice
a way of giving something back into my community. I have never before in my life taken on something of this nature and I therefore cannot predict the outcome.
I will rely on my faith to help me complete the course. I will complete this walk together with the two men in 4 days, an average 35 miles per day. Thinking about this seems daunting, but I am preparing myself by doing the correct exercises such as jogging at least 3 miles per week, skipping and mental preparation.
I feel that by doing this walk I am making a step to atone for the lives of those who have passed away in recent years and so change the attitudes and minds of those individuals who feel that it's ok to carry such weapons as protection.


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